Hi, I'm Jenny and I was born in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria in 1964. 
My father worked in the shipbuilding industry all his life and my mum was a carer. 
I am married with one son and we live on the edge of the Solway Firth near Port Carlisle.

I am self-taught. Much of my inspiration comes from coastal and rural scenes, particularly boats and harbours, or remote looking little cottages. Recently I've started using collage to begin a painting and I'm enjoying the new way of working and the slightly unexpected results. I think this is something that I will explore further - so watch this space.

Well, I haven't written anything here for a while. I am full of admiration for those people who write a regular blog. I don't know how they do it.

C-Art Open Studios this year was a little different. The organisers seem to want to move away from individual open studios and have more 'events' and 'art in extraordinary places'. The whole event has been shortened to one week and two weekends (which is fine), but the publicity this year was a let down. Any artist or visitor I spoke to seemed to be of the same opinion; individual artists have been a bit shortchanged - it's a shame.

Nevertheless, I had some lovely visitors to my studio again this year and had some very welcome, positive feedback. Thanks to all those who paid good money to hang one of my paintings on their wall at home. How lovely; I never quite get over that privilege.


What a lovely summer we are having! It's been too nice to be in the studio lately, but I'm giving myself a talking to and getting back in there to prepare for this year's C-Art. New paintings are coming together, and I will have my studio all tidied up and ready for visitors when the time comes. This year that will be 14 September - 29 September and I'm opening every day between 10 am and 5 pm. Please come and spend a bit of time browsing.


Jan 2012 : Happy New Year to all. I have 3 paintings in the Upfront Open Exhibition this year. It starts on Thursday 19 Jan and runs until 4 Mar, so if you are anywhere near Penrith, pop along and have a look. I will also have 3 paintings at High Head Sculpture Valley from 14 Jan to 28 Feb, so why not visit both exhibitions and get your fill of artwork in one go. 

May 2012 ; Preparations are being made by Eden Arts for the 2012 C-Art event in September (1st to 16th). I'll be opening my studio again this year and I'm looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. 

October 2012 : C-Art is over and my studio has not yet been returned to it's normal 'workaday' state. Many thanks to everyone who came to see my artwork; it was lovely to see you all.


5 Feb 2011 : Back from having my radioactive Iodine capsule, done my time in solitary confinement and returned to normal contact with other humans. No adverse effects other than a little nausea.

5 Nov 2011 : It has been taking some time to get back to normal after my period without thyroid hormone, but I think I am now starting to see an improvement. I'll be keeping the dog company tonight - he is that stressed with the fireworks he doesn't know where to put himself!


Oct 2010: After more than a year of tests and following surgery in July, I have been diagnosed with Thyroid cancer. I have had further surgery, hormone treatment, and shortly I will have radioactive iodine treatment. I haven't painted for a while so, apologies for lack of new work. However, all my previous work is still for sale and hopefully, at some stage in the future, I will be painting again.

Many thanks to all my customers, past and future.

Nov 2010: Still waiting for radioiodine treatment, but feeling really well and painting again. Hoping to get 'zapped' before Christmas!

Finally got a date for radioiodine treatment - 1 Feb '11.
At least the family Christmas won't be disrupted. Working on a couple of oils with the theme 'the woods'.

Dec 2010 : Thyroid hormones have been changed again - feeling a bit 'flat' at the moment. Painting is on hold again.

Jan 2010 : Started on a low-Iodine diet in preparation for treatment. Still feeling a bit low, but at least 'D'-day is getting closer.